12th Floor

U MAD? If your answer is yes, then come do MAD SCIENCE experiments this Friday at 4:30 in the C-Lounge!

We’re going to be talking about phases of matter, and doing experiments with copious amounts of dry ice, including making dry ice Ice Cream!!!! YUM!  Then we’ll be getting nostalgic and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We’d love to see you there! GET MAD!


$$$     Playbills and Dollar Bills     $$$

with RAs Michelle & Safiya

Brunch, Broadway Discounts, and the Broadway Flea Market

When: Sunday, Sept. 25th, 11am

Where: Meet in the Lobby!  We’ll walk over to Palladium (brunch is on us!), then head uptown to the Broadway Flea Market!

Sign up at the Resource Center

Make sure you bring your MetroCard!