14th Floor

U MAD? If your answer is yes, then come do MAD SCIENCE experiments this Friday at 4:30 in the C-Lounge!

We’re going to be talking about phases of matter, and doing experiments with copious amounts of dry ice, including making dry ice Ice Cream!!!! YUM!  Then we’ll be getting nostalgic and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We’d love to see you there! GET MAD!


Now that fall has started, and it’s getting chilly, come out with your floor for a hot brunch and (possibly) apple cider at the Union Square Market. If there’s no cider, there are at least pumpkins. And other great things to check out. Like pie and apples.

You know you want to.

Don't those look delicious? They do. I know.

What: Palladium Brunch and a trip to the Union Square Farmer’s Market

Where: Meet at the elevator bank at 1:00 pm to walk over to Palladium to get brunch, then check out the Farmer’s Market

When: Sunday September 25 at 1:00 PM

Who? Residents of the 14th Floor. And Bridget, their RA.


This SUNDAY night at 7 PM, on the 14th Floor, there will be a mad dash for cash and prizes, but actually just for prizes. Prizes which are food.

The rules are as follows:

1. At 7 pm, check your doors. There will be a flag describing one half of a famous couple.

2. Once you’ve identified who your famous couple member is, look at all the other doors, and find your match.

3. Come see me in room 1405 with your other halves, and tell me what duo you are.

4. Receive your fabulous prize!

Figure it Out!

U Hall 14th Floor

Sunday September 18, 7:00PM