7th Floor

U MAD? If your answer is yes, then come do MAD SCIENCE experiments this Friday at 4:30 in the C-Lounge!

We’re going to be talking about phases of matter, and doing experiments with copious amounts of dry ice, including making dry ice Ice Cream!!!! YUM!  Then we’ll be getting nostalgic and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We’d love to see you there! GET MAD!


RAs Joe and Sam will be hosting an awesome picnic in Washington Square Park for their respective floors ( Floors 4 and 7). Feel free to join if you live on a different floor as well! Expect classic picnic foods like chips and guac, cookies, watermelon. And maybe the occasional cold cuts! Fun games will also be part of our theme. This means tossing the ole’ pigskin or frisbee around the park. Let the good times roll! Welcome back, kids!