How do I submit a work order?

You can submit a maintenance request in a number of ways. The best is to visit the F&CM Website and submit your request. You can also contact the F&CM Client Services Center during operating hours at (212) 998-1001. For more info, stop by the Resource Center!

How do I know if I have my mail?

Each resident has a mailbox with a combination lock… you will receive your combination when you check into UHall. Mailboxes are arranged in room number order. Check your mailbox daily to see if you’ve received some love. Mail usually arrives between 11AM to 4PM except Sundays and holidays.

How do I pick up a package I’m expecting?

UHall has entered a new era! Our package logging system has gone electronic, so you’ll receive an e-mail (at your NYU E-Mail address) notifying you that we’ve received your package. Simply visit the Resource Center during business hours, tell the staff member that you received an e-mail, and we’ll have your package to you in no time. Please do not visit the Resource Center to check on a package unless you’ve received an e-mail… due to the volume of packages (especially during book season), we cannot check on individual packages.

Where do I get refunds if the washing machines or vending machines don’t work?

This information will be updated soon… in the meantime, visit our Resource Center for the most recent information!

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