UHallers–for once and for all may we put this question to rest–What’s the greatest cult film of all time? The Big Lebowski or Brazil? Donnie Darko or Clerks?
Help RAs Bridget and Joe in deciding in THE BATTLE OF THE CULTS!!!! To participate, simply click here and vote for your favorite cult movie. Then on Tuesday, November 8th at 8pm, enjoy all your favorite candies while watching the winning film in the UHall Commons.

Let the competition commence!


For many of you who came to the Labor Day BBQ last month, it was a joyous and relaxing way to mark the last days of summer and the beginning of a new year.  If you couldn’t come, or missed out, it was a ton of fun, so be on the look out for more amazing all hall programs!

Hello UHallers!

If you have a meal plan and want to upgrade your dining experience, check out Palladium’s first Restaurant Night of the year! On the menu:

Appetizer:  Mixed Spring Greens, Cucumber wrapped tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Gorgonzola Cheese

Entrees: French Cut Chicken, Potato Pancakes, Haricot Vert OR Pan Seared Salmon, Basmati Rice, Oyster Mushrooms OR Vegetarian Pot Pie

Dessert: Flute Limón cello, Tiramisu Glass

To reserve a spot, e-mail palladiumcafe@yahoo.com, or visit their website at


Hope to see you there!